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100 Simple Rules...

  1. Talk to Randy at Romance Jewelers!
  2. Call your spouse during the day and say something romantic.
  3. Leave a romantic love note for your mate to find.
  4. Suggest going for a romantic walk together.
  5. Watch a classic romantic movie together.
  6. Lie down on a blanket in your backyard and watch the clouds or stars.
  7. Send a romantic card.
  8. Plan a romantic, candlelight dinner.
  9. Pick a flower to put in a bud vase.
  10. Write a romantic love letter.
  11. Nibble on your spouse's ear and whisper something sweet or spicy.
  12. Don't forget anniversaries and birthdays.
  13. Smile.
  14. Blow a kiss from across the room.
  15. Dance with your spouse in your own living room.
  16. Hold hands.
  17. Plan and cook a meal together.
  18. Schedule an evening to have a romantic date with one another.
  19. Compile a cd of songs that mean something special to you as a couple
  20. Whisk your mate away for a surprise getaway weekend
  21. Put a special fortune or love note in a fortune cookie
  22. Give friends and family cards that are from you to give your significant other. It's a great surprise!
  23. Print reasons why you love your significant other on paper. Cut out into small strips and insert into Hershey Kisses. Put them in a container and present them to your mate.
  24. Book His and Her massages at a spa
  25. Go sledding together and then sit by a fire and drink hot chocolate
  26. Take a walk on a beach or by water with a bottle of wine
  27. Take your significant other for a moonlight ride by row-boat
  28. Go for a hike together
  29. Recreate your first date: time, place, etc
  30. Take a stroll around the lake together
  31. Watch your favorite movie at home and share some ice cream
  32. Bury a surprise for your mate in the sand. Build a sand castle together so that they will find the buried treasure.
  33. Sit outside at night and watch for shooting stars
  34. In the fall, have a leaf fight
  35. At Halloween, carve pumpkins together
  36. Go on a walk, collect leaves, and press them as a memento of the day
  37. Lay in a hammock and drink lemonade together
  38. GO for a drive and watch the sunset
  39. Go see a movie at a Drive–In
  40. Buy a piece of jewelry and have it engraved with something special
  41. Go on a scenic bike ride and stop to have a picnic
  42. Build a snowman together
  43. Go to a park and swing on the swings
  44. If you are already married, re-propose with another ring or with another special piece of jewelry
  45. Go horseback riding in the country
  46. Shoot some fireworks off in your significant others honor
  47. Buy your mate a star
  48. Have a date at the zoo
  49. Go to an amusement park or carnival, ride the tilt a whirl, share cotton candy, win your partner a stuffed animal
  50. Dig a heart in the snow outside your window or in the backyard
  51. Get up early, grab some coffee, and watch the sunrise
  52. Carve your and your significant others initial's in a tree
  53. Take a walk together in the fog- It's the closest thing to walking on clouds! Make sure to wear a jacket!
  54. Rainy out? Have an indoor picnic. Spread out a blanket on the floor and eat finger foods and champagne
  55. Send your mate on a scavenger hunt. At the end, be there waiting to take them on a special date.
  56. For something fun, go mini-golfing or go-cart racing
  57. Can't get your mate away from the office? If you want to be really thoughtful, how about bringing lunch in for the office? Much appreciated and romantic.
  58. Dangle your feet in the lake and blow bubbles. Just like when you were kids!
  59. Pick your significant other up from work in a limo stocked with flowers and favorite drink. Have a night out on the town.
  60. Give your significant other a picture frame with a card that says "Good for one Weekend Getaway" Put a picture of the place you will be staying in the frame.
  61. Write on slips of paper, I love you because... Fill in the blank and hide them so it's a fun surprise when your mate finds them.
  62. Get bath crayons (for little kids) and write I Love You on the walls of the shower.
  63. Write "I Love You" in the bottom of a bowl and fill it with Hershey's Hugs and Kisses.
  64. "Kidnap" your mate for the weekend. Set them up to think that you are going somewhere else. Bring along a squirt gun if they give you any trouble.
  65. If you significant other is going away, give them a card that says how much you will miss them along with a picture of you with a very sad face.
  66. Give your mate a card that says, "I am going to take you somewhere that no one has before"—Then take him or her there.
  67. Have a few times a year where you have surprise getaways. Alternate whose turn it is to plan the surprise getaway. Don't forget to keep the location a secret from your significant other!
  68. If you love the person, show them, and they will love you back so much more
  69. If you have to go somewhere without your significant other, send them a piece of where you are. Get a bottle and fill it with things you can easily find in your location. Send it to them in the mail.
  70. Go fly kites
  71. Take a hot air balloon ride
  72. Dance under the stars
  73. Take your mate to the beach give them a plastic shovel. Have them unbury a treasure that you had already hidden in the sand.
  74. Hire a plane to fly a message to your significant other across the sky
  75. Have a water fight on a hot summer day: use water balloons, a hose, or squirt guns. It's a fun way to spend time together, and you will be cooled off!
  76. Just spend quiet time together once a week.
  77. Have a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife appreciation day. Give them a card or make a banner that proclaims that day as "_____________ Appreciation Day". Do things around the house to help them out with anything they normally do, make them dinner, etc.
  78. Give a dozen roses with a card tied to each one. On each card, write "I Love You" in a different language. You can find this easily online.
  79. Your mate having a bad day? Give them Cheer Up Theme Gifts. For example: an office gift- a new business card holder, a leisure gift- a favorite magazine and snack, a home gift- something for a room in the house, an outing gift- an invitation for a picnic or a pizza. You could do this whole gift for less than $20.00
  80. Pass notes to each other, even if you are sitting in your own living room.
  81. Send your mate a cookie bouquet at work
  82. Use a crayon to write I love you on their rear view mirror
  83. Take a long walk in the rain
  84. Take a drive on a rainy day to go rainbow searching. If the sun is in the east, try and find a place where the rain will be west of the sun. If the sun is in the west, try and find a place where the rain will be east of the sun.
  85. Play 2 truths and a lie. Tell each other 3 statements about yourself, 2 true and one false. Take turns asking questions to determine which one is false- Great for new relationships
  86. Tell them how much you appreciate them. Do it often.
  87. Always be there ready to listen
  88. Remember that a small sacrifice to you, might mean the world to you partner
  89. Make a memory box of ticket stubs, souvenirs from special days, etc
  90. Send them a card in the mail
  91. Think of a special code to say to each other that stands for "I Love You"
  92. Buy a coloring book and spend a rainy afternoon spread out on the floor coloring
  93. Cuddle
  94. Break up routine and do something different than you normally would. Ride bikes, take a walk, watch a movie together, etc
  95. Get involved together in a project that helps others. Doing something nice for others as a couple will help tender the heart
  96. Never stop dating...even after you marry
  97. Tuck your significant other into bed
  98. Never forget that the smallest gestures often times count the biggest
  99. Ask them about their day, and then listen.
  100. Without being asked, go fill up their car with gas and take it through the carwash.