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Forever10 - The Perfect Diamond for the Perfect Woman

In 1919, engineer and diamond cutter Marcel Tolkowsky set a new standard for cutting diamonds. His geometric calculations took both brilliance and fire into consideration, creating a delicate balance between the two. These round brilliant gems featured 57 precisely cut facets, creating the appearance of 8 "hearts and arrows" when seen from above or below. Its beauty unsurpassed, this coveted design became known as the Ideal Cut.

Today, the Masters of IJO have exceeded the ideal with the creation of the Forever10 diamond. Featuring a heart-stopping 71 facets and 10 "hearts and arrows", the Forever10 is the ultimate expression of Nature's love affair with light.

Traditional mechanical cutting methods simply can't attain such beauty. In fact, less than 1% of professional cutters can achieve the precision necessary to meet IJO's exacting standards for the Forever10. Every diamond must be individually selected and hand-cut by a specially trained cutter with hands as skilled as a surgeon's to create this rare marriage of fire and ice.

The Forever10 shines so bright that the first moment she sees it will be burned into her heart forever. Create a memory she'll never forget with the Forever10 - The perfect diamond for the perfect woman. Available exclusively from Master IJO jewelers.

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